Professional Statutory Inspection & Maintenance

Service lifts
Statutory inspection, repair and annual maintenance of service lifts, sensors, cables and other components.
Hoists & Arresters
Annual inspections and maintenance of service lift hoists and fall arresters, as well as a general overhaul.
Ladder systems & fall arrest systems
Inspection, repair, maintenance, exchange, also for parallel-running fall arrest devices / runners.
Expert inspection & maintenance of Personal Fall Protection Equipment, evacuation and rescue devices, fall protection devices, harnesses, anchor points.
Work & Safety equipment
Inspection and replacement of fire extinguishers, and first-aid kits.
Deck crane
Expert inspections of nacelle cranes and onboard cranes.
An authorized inspection company oversees commissioning and recurring service lift inspections. Save time and money with our know-how.
Consulting & Document supervision
Consulting and development of concepts to improve safety in wind turbines.

Statutory inspection



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