Professional Statutory Inspection & Maintenance

Service lifts
Statutory inspection, repair and annual maintenance of service lifts, sensors, cables and other components.
Hoists & Arresters
Annual inspections and maintenance of service lift hoists and fall arresters, as well as a general overhaul.
Ladder systems & fall arrest systems
Inspection, repair, maintenance, exchange, also for parallel-running fall arrest devices / runners.
Expert inspection & maintenance of Personal Fall Protection Equipment, evacuation and rescue devices, fall protection devices, harnesses, anchor points.
Work & Safety equipment
Inspection and replacement of fire extinguishers, and first-aid kits.
Deck crane
Expert inspections of nacelle cranes and onboard cranes.
An authorized inspection company oversees commissioning and recurring service lift inspections. Save time and money with our know-how.
Consulting & Document supervision
Consulting and development of concepts to improve safety in wind turbines.
Data analytics and autonomous blade inspections
Detailed information on rotor blade condition.
Lifetime records of rotor blades across entire fleets.
Comprehensive trend analysis and benchmarking over time.
Define blade repair work and schedule preventive measures.
O&M cost savings and energy production gains.
Database about wind turbines condition & digital reports in cloud
Clients have access to our database and can monitor the status of repairs and wind farms at any time.
Extra services
Technical due diligence.
Construction Management.
Quality control and inspections.
Health, Safety and Environmental compliance.
Consultation of the wind energy industry

Statutory inspection



Autonomous blade inspections

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